I am a lesbian going into Mechanical Engineering. This blog is meant to do two things: a.) relieve the stress on myself from being closeted, and b.) to let people know that there are members of the LGBT community in engineering fields.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Job, First Office Job

       I started my first engineering job a few weeks ago. It's weird going from retail/physical labor jobs to an office. The main difference is that I got used to being one of the smartest people in retail, and now I realize that I know nothing at all at this new position. I've been told that I've been hired for my potential, but I still feel stupid asking beginner questions.
      I learned that it is networking that gets people hired. It wasn't until I started going to professional engineer organizations and talking with people there that I started having more luck. Informational interviews can lead to job offers. Online applications are the worst. For those of you having a tough time finding a job reach out and ask for help.

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