I am a lesbian going into Mechanical Engineering. This blog is meant to do two things: a.) relieve the stress on myself from being closeted, and b.) to let people know that there are members of the LGBT community in engineering fields.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dorm Room Pillow Talks

        Last night my roommate and I were talking before we fell asleep.  She was asking me if I was attracted to any of my engineering friends, to which I said no.  She then asked how long it had been attracted emotionally to someone, which made me realize that it had been six years.  This prompted questions about that time.  I told her a little bit about the situation, replacing all "she's" and " her"  with "they".  (The fact that I don't remember what those are called shows I am an engineer.)  For a while she would ask a bunch of "he" questions, she assumed that it was a guy.  Then this portion of the conversation occurred:
       Her:   "You keep using "they", was there more than one?"
       Me:  "No, it was only one person."
       Her:  "Was it a guy?"
       Me:  "No."
       She then proceeded to ask if anyone had known about this relationship, or how I felt, and I gave her the honest truth of that everyone thought we were friends.
       So my roommate has some idea of my sexual tendencies are now.  I am sure there will be some pressing questions on her end in the future.  Have an awesome week, and if you're in the Upper Midwest, stay warm and safe, I hope you aren't getting cabin fever with the never-ending winter.

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