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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

       I can honestly say that since Vancouver four years ago I added going to the Winter Olympics on my bucket list.  I would love to go, the opening ceremonies are always spectacular.  Someday I will go, no matter where it is.  I would actually prefer if it was in another country so that way I could learn a lot, yet still have some familiar accents around.
      One thing I didn't like however is that the U.S. media tried to undermine Russia's hosting.  I understand quite well that our countries don't get along, however it's the Olympics it's time to put those things aside and have a good time.  There's the whole deal about how the final ring on the Olympic style snowflake failed to open up.  Everyone is acting like it's the most important part of the opening ceremony.  Don't they remember how Canada's Vancouver one of the arms for the torch lighting failed to operate?? Then they felt bad for Vancouver, but with Sochi there is only blame.
       How can I talk about the Russian Olympics without somehow mentioning the gay rights issue.  For those of you who don't know, Russia has banned all gay propaganda.  All I can think is that someday they (the people who made that decision) will realize the error of it.  All things need  to change is time (and arguably heat and pressure, but it would be better if they could come to that without the pressure from other countries).  I would even fly to Russia right now if someone paid for my flight and hotel.  I do feel sympathy for my fellow LGBT members there.
       Now for the next two weeks I will indulge in bobsledding, hockey, and my guiltiest of pleasures ice skating.  As well as work in homework and exams (I recently got my first exam back, and I did better than I expected!!!).

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