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Saturday, September 6, 2014

College - 4th year

       My fourth year of college has started, I have another to go.  It's a weird mixture of feelings about staying a 5th year.  A lot of my close friends at home are going to graduate on time, and a lot of my good friends here are going to either stay an extra year, or graduate.  I enjoy learning, but I would also like to just get out and work for a few years.  Working over the summer was nice because I didn't have to do anything work related after work, school you always have homework and projects.  However, staying an extra year gives me an extra summer to get an internship, so far I've only had seasonal positions in non engineering jobs.
       I'm taking a really fascinating biosolid mechanics course, talking about bone strength, and how different joints have different forces, etc.  And a CAD course, where we'll get a project and need to design it, then present it to the class.  I've also somehow managed to go through two semesters in a row without buying textbooks.  PDFs are a college students best friend, except when the class has open book, open note exams.
       Hope you all have a good semester or quarter (if you're in school).  For those of you working full time have a blast.  Have fun and work hard!

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