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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Job Hunting

       It has been two months since I have graduated college (you'd think I'd mention that before, but nah), and still no job. I had applied to 30 positions before graduating, and 40 since graduating. I've only had three phone interviews, and a single in person interview, and no job offers. This is definitely helping with my depression. It's especially frustrating applying to "entry level" positions where the company is asking for 3 years of experience, and a number of qualifications that colleges don't teach. It doesn't help that I've never had an engineering internship, and engineering jobs don't care that I've worked at the same job for four summers in a row.
       Since I am unemployed, I am staying with my parents. Lately my mother has been telling me contradictory statements that are infuriating. Here is a list of what I  mean:

  1. Finding a job is a full time job, spend 7+ hours on it a day.
  2. But also spend 2 hrs a day doing chores around the house
  3. Get outside during the day
  4. Find a hobby to work on, have fun
  5. Go volunteer someplace
  6. Find a job that you love and that gets your foot in the door
  7. Why aren't you trying to find a job? (Entry level biomedical jobs are hard to find/get)
  8. X job you applied for doesn't suit you, I don't know why you applied there.
  9. But why aren't you applying more?

       This cycle has been going on for awhile. I swear she's gone crazy. I'm about to start applying to retail jobs, if I get one maybe then she'll stop bugging me. I guess I expected to have an easy time finding a job once I graduated from engineering, at least that's what everyone made it seem like.  I have known a few engineers who have looked for jobs for 6-12 months before finding anything. We'll see how it goes.

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