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Friday, October 26, 2012

TV Shows

             Last night my roommate was busy, so I had the room to myself for 5 peaceful hours.  This allowed me to watch some of my favorite TV shows without headphones in.  One of my favorite shows is a British drama called "Lip Service".  It's set in Glasgow and follows the  lives of three lesbians, Cat, Frankie, and Tess.  As the show goes on characters come and  go.  Heather Peace plays Cat's girlfriend, which is great since she's a lesbian off the set as well.  If I was 10-15 years older I'd date Heather.  I will warn you though, if sex makes you uncomfortable, don't watch it, lot's of sex occurs throughout.  It also does a great job of showing how lesbian women can have straight male friends, and how lesbian women can be friends with other lesbians without anything sexual happening.  I can't wait for a third season!
            Another show I enjoy is NCIS, which is now in it's 10th season.  There is one episode that I remember where Ziva and DiNozzo are talking about how a woman was smiling at DiNozzo.  Ziva then bursts his bubble by saying that the woman had asked her out on a lunch date the other day.  I myself find Cote de Pablo (plays Ziva David) incredibly attractive, and wouldn't mind dating her.  But alas she's straight, as well as the majority of the population, but one can dream.  NCIS's actually does a decent job of include episodes where a suspect or victim is gay, and how it's difficult being in a field where it's a majority of straight men.  NCIS also doesn't always make the LGBT character always be the murderer either, unlike most shows where the LGBT character is usually evil.
           Lastly, there was a Futurama episode I watched the other day where "robosexual" marriage was legalized.  It was amusing because the writers purposefully made it like the latest debate on gay marriage, and how illogical some arguments can be.

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