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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Bang Theory (TV Show)

       I have a love-hate relationship with the Big Bang Theory Show.  I enjoy it for it's humor, and it's nice just to relax, but there are so many things that irritate me about it.  First off it's a classic stereotype that all scientists are generally white and male; they all love anime, comics and all things nerdy and have had a difficult time trying to pick up women.  This last part I can understand, since in some fields there aren't very many women who go into it.  But a number of the engineers I know aren't all that nerdy, I mean sure some play D&D, but a number of them are quite the opposite of BBT cast.  Then of course there are the female characters in the show.  Now for awhile it was just Penny, who was your average blonde, ditzy, white girl who wanted to be an actress (sounds like  Tess from Lip Service).  She was the main female character for a number of seasons, making it seem to mainstream audiences that women don't try to into STEM fields.  But at least now we have Bernadette and Amy who are female scientists and can hold their scientific ground in arguments with the guys.  The only downside is that the show doesn't portray LGBT scientists, although Amy is arguably bisexual for Penny, but there is no development in same-sex relationships.  Well it still has a number of seasons left, and I haven't watched any of this season.  We'll see if it changes.

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