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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ups and Downs

       As you grow older you realize that some people don't care about you.  I realized that last semester with the study group that I had been a part of.  I tried to connect with them, they are mainly female engineers, who all want to talk about their man crushes and stuff.  I was there to study, and to have people to relax with.  It started with one of the girl's getting an iPhone.  A few days after this happened we were waiting for class to start, our other group members had skipped class.  I was trying to hold a conversation with her and she said "Oh one sec, I just got this really important text.  I'm trying to plan a surprise birthday party for a friend back home."  I noticed that she had never done this to anyone else in our study group.  Then it went further, she would always take pictures of her and another girl in class, and I would be left to the wayside.
       Now I have classes with members of the old study group, I've said hi a few times but was never really paid attention to.  Luckily I am now forming a group that actually talks to me. It's nice knowing that you are appreciated.
        Also, Lip Service has been cancelled after two seasons.  There was so much to be resolved in the last episode.  I really wish BBC3 would have allowed a third season to wrap things up.  It also means that there aren't anymore TV shows devoted to gay and lesbians.  At least Heather Peace is still acting.  I don't know how good a show it is though.  She did an excellent job playing Sam.  If I had been 10 years older I wouldn't have minded dating Sam or Heather herself.  One last thing:  coffee burns hurt, almost as bad as hot glue gun burns.

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